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Security and Fire Alarms' Designing, Installation and Maintenance

LLC «Towertehno», a part of Tower Security Group, is in charge of making contracts upon Security and Fire Alarms' Designing, Installation and Maintenance.

After a customer make a request, our specialist go to the specified place (building) where he inspect the building and make the inspection report. Hereunder this act the needed Security and Fire Alarms or other alarm or video security systems are projected and cost calculation is made.

Security and Fire Alarms' Installation is made by our specialists according to Russian laws and standards. The system’s acceptance for operation is made together with an inspector from Administration of state fire supervision. As a result, they make an appropriate acceptance for operation’ reports.

The data from the object is transferred to the central surveillance desk by main radio link and can be duplicated by GPRS, cable Internet or wire phone line. Our qualified operator timely accept, analyse, and pass the information to RRT by radio. Also our operators have the direct link with the desk sergeant of Central Internal Affairs Directorate in Ivanovo.

All our specialists take traning courses and additional training in FSI FSRI of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. That lets us grant the high quality of our services.

We have around the clock technical service. Repair order taking also available 24/7.

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  • Ivanovo 153003
    5-ya Pervomajskaya St., 23
    tel. (4932) 32-64-17, 32-64-23
    fax:(4932) 32-64-23
    e-mail: info@tower37.ru
  • Kineshma 155800
    Sovetskaya St., 43-B
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    microraion Gagarina, 15
    tel. (49336) 2-54-63
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    Malakhiya Belova St., 15
    tel. (49351) 4-14-70
  • Vichuga 155331
    Leningradskaya St., 19 B
    tel. (49354) 2-24-95

  • Komsomolsk 155900
    Zayceva St., 11
    tel. (4932) 32-64-13
  • Teykovo 155040
    Pershinskaya St., 42
    tel. (4932) 32-64-23
  • Furmanov 155520
    Sovetskaya St., 18
    tel. (4932) 32-64-23
  • Privolzhsk 155550
    Revolutsionnaya St., 63, office 1
    tel. (4932) 32-64-23
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